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Leadership Resource Group

Executive Coaching Program™

Executive coaching is one of the most effective ways to transform individuals into dynamic business leaders, create a lasting competitive advantage and achieve significant ROI on your development dollars.
The Leadership Resource Group Executive Coaching Program™ provides executive coaches who motivate through an integrative approach combining comprehensive assessment and development planning focused on personal transformation and targeted results.

Leadership Resource Group Executive Coaching includes:

  • Assessment of both horizontal development (skills and competencies) and vertical development (personal maturity, social and emotional intelligence, and the ability to manage paradox and ambiguity)
  • Integrated, prioritized and actionable feedback
  • Development planning with target measures to drive current and future performance
  • Tools to anticipate obstacles to change and prepare to manage them
  • Ongoing coaching and follow-up

  • You can expect our emphasis on professional effectiveness and personal fulfillment to help your leaders become more authentic, influential and results-driven.

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