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Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflicts within an organization can arise from varying expectations, competing goals, negative interpersonal relationships, and interests that are—or are perceived to be—out of alignment. They stifle creativity and add unnecessary cost and cycle time. They often cause serious damage to relationships between the direct parties and to other “less visible” stakeholders. Hidden costs include lost business opportunities, poor teamwork and turnover in key talent.
We offer expert facilitation and a structured framework for improving alignment and managing conflict between individual team members, executives and their teams.

We work with key stakeholders to:

  • Gather background information about the challenge or conflict
  • Develop a stakeholder map including the visible and invisible parties to the conflict
  • Conduct neutral, objective interviews with each of the direct parties to the conflict to develop a deep understanding of their point of view, agenda, interests, desired outcomes and ideas for possible strategies for resolution
  • Design a resolution strategy and prepare the parties to engage in constructive dialogue about the challenge or conflict. This may include coaching (on alternative perspectives, personal blind spots, unintended consequences, etc.), training on conflict management skills and consulting on a strategy for managing ongoing relationships with indirect stakeholders
  • Facilitate structured dialogue sessions between the parties focused on resolution and strategies for maintaining productive working relationships

Once conflict is resolved, you can expect improved:

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